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10" - 12" Bread Knife Homchef (All Sizes)

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Loaves of bread require a special knife to help cut through them, because a knife with a flat edge would squash the bread downward as you cut it, a knife with a serrated edge is needed to saw through the bread.
For best use and care to keep your bread knife in proper working condition,
Follow these instructions carefully:

  • Wash the knife with soap and water and rinse before each use.
  • Your knife blade contain high percentages of carbon to make sharp and precise cuts. In order to avoid corrosion on the blade edge and surface, after use, wash with hot water and soap or mild detergent to clean blade. Thoroughly wipe with a clean soft cloth.
  • Do not use for cutting frozen foods, crabs, lobsters and bones to avoid damage of the blades.
  • Handle is made out of plastic. Keep your knife away from excessive heat to prevent warping.
  • Hand washing only. Strong detergents can cause damage to the blade.
  • To insure longer life and better utility, store your knife in a dry place to protect blade from corrosion.

Size Option: 

  • 10" 
  • Blade Dimension : 25cm x 3 cm
  • Measurement: L 39cm x W 3.5cm x H 3cm
  • Package size: L 42cm x W 4cm x H 4cm 

  • 12" 
  • Blade Dimension : 30cm  x 3cm 
  • Measurement: L 49cm x W 3.5cm x H 3cm
  • Package size: L 53cm x W 5cm x H 4cm