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Chimney Hood JQG9009T + Built-in Gas Hob FD2B Fotile

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Innovative Direct-current Inverter

Stronger & More Powerful – 830Pa

DC inverter technology & auto turbo system achieves air pressure up to 830Pa and 1,850m3/hr powerful airborne grease extraction.

Cleaner – A Grease-free Kitchen

Enhanced core power paired with 3-layer centrifugal filtration technology keeps both kitchen and hood clean.

Quieter – 44dB

DC inverter technology paired with FOTILE’s exclusive Silence+ Technology keeps noise level as low as 44dB

Optimal Grease and Smoke Control Zone

The Optimal Grease and Smoke Control Zone is at 580mm above the hob.
This is where the hood can lock grease and smoke down completely before they start to spread.

Wider Chamber Entrance

Fotile V Pro’s ability to handle multiple gas hobs more effortlessly than normal hoods comes from its wider chamber entrance, which has an average air inlet width of 20mm that allows it to capture the flow of airborne grease from every corner.

110-Degree Buffer Plate

Obtuse-angled smoke compression technology pressurizes rising airborne grease to prevent it from spreading. The 160mm ultra-wide buffer plate further bolsters smoke defense.

Airborne Grease Highway

Airborne grease passes through a 4-pointed straight line leading grease and smoke from the chamber entrances to the exhaust in one straight line with zero to minimal obstruction.

Intelligent Suction and Extraction System

Intelligent Air Management

The Intelligent Air Management automatically detects harmful gases in the air before ventilating and purifying the air to keep your kitchen fresh, even when you’re not cooking or in the kitchen.

Auto Turbo System

Increases extraction power automatically when resistance is detected.

Innovative Oil-Free Technology

Making cleaning a breeze


  • Certification: CB, SAA, SIRIM
  • Material of hood: 90cm wide tempered glass surface
  • Unrestrained airflow (m3/hr): 1850
  • IEC airflow (m3/hr): 1400
  • Motor Power (W): 268
  • Max Static Pressure (Pa): 830
  • Noise Level (dB): 49
  • No. of Speeds Fan Control: 3
  • Illumination Power in LED (W): 1.5W x 2
  • Type of hood: Chimney hood
  • Oil Filtration Rate: 90%
  • Odor Reduction Rate: 97%
  • Automatic Turbo System: YES
  • Smart Smoke and Sound Detection:NIL
  • Intelligent Air Management: YES
  • Anion Sterilisation: NO
  • 3D Ionized Air Curtain: NIL
  • Gas & Heat Sensor: NIL
  • Delay Off Function: NO
  • Control Mode: Illuminated 'O' touch screen
  • Type of Filter: Double layer filter
  • Special Features: NIL
  • Power Supply: 220V-240V/50-60hZ
  • Dimension W x D x H (mm): 900 x 440 x (610-1290)


Hob FD2B

Grading Ring Technology, High Efficiency, More Stable

Grading Ring Technology

FD Burner technology help relieve gas momentum, balance the gas pressure and mix gas and air to make the combustion are more uniform and stable.
Patent No.: 201220321289.3

Integrated Iron Casting Burner

The material of the burner is cast iron and made with anti-corrosion processing.
The integrated burner has the same co-efficient of expansion and is completely sealed and safe to used.


  • Certification: SNI, SIRIM
  • Technology of Hob: Burn Tech-l® Technology
  • No of Burners : 2
  • Surface Material: Tempered glass
  • Pan Support: Cast iron grate
  • Gas Type: LPG / NG
  • Heating Load (kW): L: 4.5 R: 4.5
  • Heat Efficiency: ≥ 60% > 60%
  • Fast Ignition: NO
  • Flame Failure Device (FFD): YES
  • Safety Ignition Pin: YES
  • Dimension W x D (mm): 730 x 410
  • Built-in Sizes W x D (mm): 660 x 360




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