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42 - 53 cm S/S Chinese Ladle (All Sizes)

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  •  Chinese ladle with Round Wooden Handle to stir-fry or wok cook all of your favorite Asian dishes with ease.

  • Crafted of smooth stainless steel, you can proficiently toss, stir and move food around the wok, while the  handle provides a comfortable and secured grip.

  • Use this handy, professional Chinese turner to make wok cooking easier. Best of all, it is rust and corrosion resistant and easy to clean and maintain for on-going use in your commercial kitchen.

  • To serve food from stir-fry pans, as its 7-ounce capacity holds plenty of product while scooping it from the pan and putting it onto plates for diners.
  • Wood handle
  • Scrape- and dent-resistant stainless steel
  • Avoiding scratching and rusting, the ladle’s stainless steel makeup is strong, while a long handle increases user safety by keeping hands away from hot pans.

Size available: 

  • NO.1 (53 cm)
  • L 53cm x W 15cm x H 5cm
  • Weight Product: 0.39 kg


  • NO.2 (50 cm)
  • L  50cm x W 15.5cm x H 5cm
  • Weight Product: 0.36 kg


  • NO.3 (47 cm)
  • L 47cm x W 13cm x H 5cm
  • Weight Product: 0.33 kg


  • NO.4 (44 cm)
  • L 44cm x W 12cm x H 5cm
  • Weight Product: 0.27 kg


  • NO.5 (42 cm)
  • L 42cm x W 11cm x H 5cm 
  • Weight Product: 0.25 kg

Package size : L 46cm x W 12cm x H 6cm