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How to Choose Perfect Hood

How to Choose Perfect Hood

You just recently renovating your home especially your kitchen. You want your kitchen tobe perfect but is not perfect without kitchen hood. So, here's hows to choose kitchen hood for your home

But first..


What is a kitchen hood?

The main purpose of this hood is to remove smoke, fumes, and steam from the air in your kitchen area. You'll find that clean air makes your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable. You'll also benefit from a less oily atmosphere around the home, which means you'll have less dirt buildup on the surfaces and furniture.less dirt buildup on the surfaces and furniture.

Cooking odors typically permeate the entire house. If you have an open floor plan, they'll waft into even more parts of your home. Over time, these odors build up in your walls and carpets.

Kitchen hood are a great kitchen appliance that can help reduce odor buildup in your home by eliminating them at the source. When you cook your food, smoke, steam and other odors are released into the air. A range hood captures all of these smells as they escape from your stovetop, neutralizing them before they spread throughout your home. It can be recirculated back into the kitchen.

Types of cooker hoods.

Let's check this type hood that suit your kitchen.

1. Chimney/ Wall-mounted cooker hood 

Wall-mounted kitchen hoods are one of the most common types of kitchen hoods. The main installation work is to attach the unit to a bare wall, but you can also add cabinets on each side if you want.

The best thing about this type of kitchen hood is that it's very affordable. It's also easy to install and can be done by yourself without any help from professionals. The only problem with wall-mounted kitchen hoods is that they don't have as much power compared to other types.

Wall-mounted hoods also come in slanted versions, which are gaining popularity. These give your kitchen a unique look, and does not block your head when cooking.

2.Slim / Telescoping cooker hood

Slim kitchen hoods were designed for kitchens that have a narrow space above the stove, and for those who have an existing cabinet over the stove. These slim kitchen hoods are usually slimmer than other types of kitchen hoods. Similar to the wall-mounted hoods, slim kitchen hoods can be ventilated or recirculating. 

A recirculating slim hood will filter out grease and smells through a charcoal filter, which you'll need to replace every 6 months. With a recirculating hood, you don't need to worry about venting it outside.

Slim kitchen hoods are ideal for places where space is at a premium, such as in small kitchens or in apartments.

Most manufacturers offer a wide range of options for slim kitchen hoods; they come in different shapes and sizes such as square, rectangular or round, in different colors and materials such as stainless steel or glass.

3. Island kitchen hood.

Island hoods are installed in the center of the kitchen island. This makes them a focal point of the room, and island hoods are often made to look beautiful, with a decorative exterior.

Island kitchen hoods are one of the most functional and popular kitchen ventilation units on the market today. These types of hoods come in many different styles and finishes so that they match your decor and blend in nicely with the rest of your kitchen design.

Cooker hood width

If you want your cooktop to be protected from smoke and grease, you need a hood that will cover it. And if the cooker hob is going to be the predominant fixture in your kitchen, then it makes sense to get one that matches the width of the cooker.

If you've got a long, narrow cooker with a very large hob, then you'll want to get a hood that matches the length of the cooker. Most people opt for wall-mounted hoods because they're cheaper, but island hoods tend to be more powerful too and don't take up space on your walls. They're typically 120cm wide.

When you're designing a kitchen, it's important to consider the height of the cooker hood. It should be low enough so that it is able to trap cooking smoke, but not too low that it blocks your view. A good rule of thumb is to place the hood 8 inches above the work surface.

The height the cooker hood needed to be nearer with the gas stove to easily to trap smoke in the kitchen.


Types of cooker hood filters


The air that comes out of your kitchen hood is technically no longer in your kitchen. It's important to remember this as you clean the hood.

Here is the type of filters kitchen hoods:

1.Mesh filter

The hoods with the best filters are the ones that have a layer of fine aluminium mesh. This is made from several layers of fine aluminium mesh. the smoke went thru the filter  and  the grease sticks to filter leaving fresh air spread out from the other side. Remember, The filter need to wash regularly to prevent your hood  getting clogged and increase noise.

2. Baffle filter

Baffle filters are an effective way to remove grease from a gas stove. They are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum and consist of two flat plates with fins or blades in between them. Grease will condense on the blades or fins of a baffle filter, and drip into a collection cup or gutter. The cup can then be emptied out. Baffle filters also need to be washed regularly to prevent build-up of grease. 

3. Charcoal filter

The purpose of these filters is to absorb smells from cooking and other odours that might waft up from the sink or garbage disposal. You'll know when it's time for a new one because it will start smelling really bad, like spoiled fish or burnt hair. All of our recirculating kitchen hoods include a mesh filter. A washable, non-motorized baffle filter is also included with two-speed fans, and a charcoal filter for the cleanest air.


Modern kitchen hoods use advanced aerodynamics to reduce the noise, even some models are advertised as “silent” hoods. A kitchen vent hoodis a normal and necessary part of cooking. However, the noise levels can potentially increase if the mesh filters are not cleaned regularly, since the fan has to work harder to maintain the airflow.


You plan on cooking every day. That's great! We just want to make sure that you know how often you will need to clean your kitchen hood and chimney.If you have a regular, non-ducted cabin hood, grease and fat build up on the filter will block air flow. Cleaning the filters regularly can prolong their life and increase cooking efficiency - it’ll be easier to cook and the exhaust fans won’t have to work as hard. Better yet, try to get service support of the kitchen hood to maintain easier.

A kitchen hood is one of the most important electric appliances to have in your kitchen. As a key part of home ventilation, it should be carefully chosen to protect you and your family from exposure to potentially dangerous fumes. Major considerations when choosing a kitchen hood include its size, power, noise level, and other aesthetic or decorative features.


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