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Built-In Glass Hob ELBA EGH-G8523G (BK)

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  • Cast Iron Pan Support and Wok Stand
  • 4 Rubber Stands for Freestanding
  • High Quality Tempered Glass
  • Battery Auto Ignition System
  • Dimension: W 760mm x D 450mm


Installation of the appliance and its connection must only be carried out by
qualified technician. It is important to check that the appliance is disconnected
before installation.

  • It is risky to modify or attempt to modify the characteristics of this product.
  • After removing the appliance from the packaging, make sure that it is undamaged and it is in perfect condition. Otherwise, contact your dealer before putting the appliance into operation.
  • The Manufacturer declines all responsibility in case of failure to comply with the accident prevention regulations.
  •  Make sure that air is able to circulate freely around the appliance. Poor ventilation produced a shortage of oxygen.
  •  Make sure that the appliance is supplied with the type of gas indicated on the rating label.
  • Use of a gas cooking appliance produces heat and moisture in the room in which it is installed. Ensure that the room is well ventilated by keeping the air intakes open and in good working order or by installing an extractor hood with discharge pipe.
  •  If the appliance is used intensively for a long time the effectiveness of the ventilation will have to be increased, for example by opening a window or increasing the power of any electric extractor fan.



Number of Burner 3
   Triple Ring Burner (5.0kW) 2
   Triple Ring Burner (3.8kW) –
   Triple Ring Burner (3.4kW) –
   Rapid Burner (3.0kW) –
   Auxiliary Burner (1.75kW) 1
   Auxiliary Burner (1.4kW) –
   Auxiliary Burner (1.0kW) –
Burner Size Ø 128 x 128mm Brass Burner Rings and Caps
Pan Support Cast Iron
Wok Stand Cast Iron
Safety Valve NO
Battery Auto Ignition System YES
Finishing Black
Glass Material Tempered Glass
Aluminium Frame NO
Product Dimension (mm)
(W x D)
760 x 450
Built in Dimension  (mm)
(W x D)
703 x 403