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Hand Mixer VS Stand Mixer

Hand Mixer VS Stand Mixer

Most of the time we like to bake all yummy sweet and savoury dish at home. Sometimes, it really depends on what type of mixer for the right consistency to make out perfect batter.

Before we start, mixer is one of the basic tools for beginner baker in the kitchen. Therefore, is a right tool for making dough. Certain type of mixer have the professional ones that mix big dough and used many variety type of attachment like grinding, cutting, rolling pasta, and juicer .

Both may have the same mixing but some mixer has more enhance than the other based of its maintenance and benefits. Moreover, in this article we determine to comparison the mixer are the right tool for your needs.

Let's compare the hand mixer and stand mixer: -


1. Convinces

Hand mixer are easy to carry anywhere because of its light weight tool. The mixer speed are limited. The mixer save time from hand mixing.

Stand mixer is more advance of the speed and function. Mixer has a own bowl lock that keeps the bowl in place and let it mix without any worry of wobbling and messy bowl. Best part, the mixer not just mixing but cutting, rolling, grinding and many more.

2. Space and Storage.

Hand mixer is small size tool which you can carry or store without any problem. Since the mixer doesn't use many spaces. It should be placed not direct sunlight. Also, you can place in a rack or container that fit to your mixer . It  makes more secure and protected from any damage.


Stand mixer is require a lot space to use a suggest have a large container that fit all the included parts and place in the storage cabinet or you can leave the mixer the on kitchen cabinet. For better secured, cover it with container from getting direct sunlight and dust.


3. Ease Uses.


Hand Mixer is generally lightweight compare the stand mixer. It easy to carry and simple to use. 

Stand Mixer is much better at mixing the dough than the hand mixer. The speed up to level 10. Moreover, is suppose to professionally mixing heavy dough. Moreover, it doesn’t need human work much to mix the ingredient. But at the side, you just need to keep on eye on the mixer as well.



4. Clean up.

The Hand mixer is much easier to clean because of the small size. Also, no need to exaggerate the cleaning process.

The Stand Mixer quite needed persistently to clean because since the mixer is larger size, its needed to clean thoroughly each parts of the mixer such as the bowl, whisk and some other attachment parts to prevent any more damage to the appliances.

5. Cost

If you on the budget, the hand mixer is good way to start because the cost is affordable and saved money . The mixer is easy manageable and good quality. But make sure you always check, the manual book about the mixer  just to safe

Stand mixer is quite expensive but it can carry the task more effective. With the attachment you don't need buy extra appliance to keep in your kitchen because the mixer has all same the parts that the other appliances do. The mixer can provide the quality and it can last a very long time. 

6. Designs

The hand mixer design is to look simple yet function look. It gives a modern appeal to make a simplicity surrounding in the kitchen. This mixer has many colours and style to you can pick and choose from.

Stand mixer has more colours than the hand mixer and the bowl may have different style for the appliances. Furthermore, the mixer has a lock on the side of the mixer head to secured include the twist lock for the bowl at the bottom stand.

Lastly, remember both mixer have same common to mix the dough for your dish. Always make sure to choose wisely for the next step for your baking skill in the kitchen. Good Luck.

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