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More Than 10+ Types Of


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More Than 10+ Types Of


Available Now

Luxury Sink 1.png__PID:6537a7d2-ac93-4be2-ac19-36ab9eeb7a9f
Snow White Sink 1.png__PID:a47396ad-c7bb-4ff9-a9bb-6c1ee52be7cc
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More Than 10+ Types Of

Viral Sinks

Available Now
Luxury Sink 1.png__PID:6537a7d2-ac93-4be2-ac19-36ab9eeb7a9f
Snow White Sink 1.png__PID:a47396ad-c7bb-4ff9-a9bb-6c1ee52be7cc
Gold Sink 1.png__PID:7ff929bb-6c1e-452b-a7cc-ddb46b5192da

Limited-time Offer

a perfect addition to any modern kitchen

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High Quality Material

This waterfall kitchen sink is newly listed. It is made of high quality SUS304 grade stainless steel with excellent hardness and durability. The kitchen sink is treated with nano-coating, which is rust-resistant, durable and long-lasting.

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360° Pull-out Faucet

With the 360° pull-out faucet and its three spray modes, cleaning dishes and vegetables has never been easier. This faucet is perfect for a variety of usage scenarios in the kitchen. The innovative sink waterfall design is a game changer! It not only gives your kitchen a modern and innovative look but also makes it easier to clean vegetables and fruits.


Space Saving

This kitchen stainless steel kitchen sink adopts the inner wall sliding design, and there are double-layer sliding tracks on both sides of the inner wall for sink accessories, so as to achieve the largest working space of the waterfall kitchen sink.

Chopping Borad.png__PID:d77f516e-0ece-4458-a124-297dcbfe1c29

Cutting Board Convenience

Maximize efficiency with a built-in cutting board, transforming your stainless steel sink into a versatile workstation, streamlining meal preparation and minimizing countertop clutter.


Glass Rinser

No more soaking and scrubbing! This Glass Rinser thoroughly cleans residue in seconds with high-pressure water jets that reach where you can't. From baby bottles to wine glasses to travel mugs, it conveniently rinses nearly any beverage container.

Draine Basket & Basket.png__PID:87743eb2-dd98-4234-ba9b-3140c5c8d799

Drain Basket & Basket

Elevate your kitchen experience with our built-in sink basket and drain basket, making washing fruits and vegetables easy while ensuring a complete and stylish ensemble.

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This sink isn't just for washing—it's a multitasking marvel! You can wash, dry, and sanitize all in one place. Say hello to your new kitchen sidekick!

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Pull Out Faucet

The pull-out faucet is one of the best features, extending out from the wall to provide easy access for filling pots and other containers. Many pull-outs include a high-powered spray head that works well for rinsing dishes or cleaning counters.

Cutting Board

Get ready for a chopping good time! This heavy-duty cutting board boasts a stronger grip on your sink, making food prep a breeze and saving you precious counter space. Slice and dice like a pro!

Rack Drainer

The Rack Drainer is perfect for washing fruits and vegetables. It keeps your produce clean and fresh while being convenient and easy to use.


Explore 10+ types of
viral sinks and find the perfect one
 for your kitchen makeover!

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Other Accessories:

1 Viral Sink_Luxury 2.jpg__PID:a7e963e4-0c9f-42fb-b5ba-ec38be6c33e31-2 Viral Sink_Gold Luxury.jpg__PID:0c9f42fb-f5ba-4c38-be6c-33e33ef9c3472 Viral Sink_Smart.jpg__PID:700b4c57-2f8b-4401-a9d7-ba90777e16363 Sinki Viral_Transformer Gold.jpg__PID:2f8be401-29d7-4a90-b77e-16369bf9a2dc4 Sinki Viral_Transformer Gun.jpg__PID:29d7ba90-777e-4636-9bf9-a2dc865bd1fe5 Viral Sink_Snow.jpg__PID:777e1636-9bf9-42dc-865b-d1fe78f6ac1a6 Sinki Viral_Transformer.jpg__PID:9bf9a2dc-865b-41fe-b8f6-ac1a040d1a127 Viral Sink_XXL.jpg__PID:865bd1fe-78f6-4c1a-840d-1a12549225158 Viral Sink_All.jpg__PID:78f6ac1a-040d-4a12-9492-25158028d9d09 Viral Sink_I Rose.jpg__PID:040d1a12-5492-4515-8028-d9d0f4e95b3810 Viral Sink_Simple.jpg__PID:54922515-8028-49d0-b4e9-5b38ac96260b11 Viral Sink_Unique.jpg__PID:8028d9d0-f4e9-4b38-ac96-260bae4a7cd212 Viral Sink_Korean.jpg__PID:f4e95b38-ac96-460b-ae4a-7cd2494177a612 Viral Sink_Korean.jpg__PID:f4e95b38-ac96-460b-ae4a-7cd2494177a6