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How To Choose The Best Kitchen Hood For Your Apartment

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Hood For Your Apartment


Every house needs a ventilation, it doesn't matter what size the space. Regardless, without any proper ventilation your kitchen will start to have more grease and bad odour. It can be difficult for the air quality breathable. So, here's a tip for you on how to choose the right kitchen hood for apartment.


Budget Range Hood.

Try to find kitchen hood that suit your pocket money. Many kitchen hood can provide great function, make sure you research the specification of the product. Moreover, you can check with kitchen hood specialist if inquiry needed.


Check with your landlord to confirm building regulations.

Before purchasing kitchen hood, please revise with your apartment's management. Check the installing regulation, some apartment have already provide ventilator some aren't. 


Type of Range Hood.

There are many choices for your apartment. But you must know some apartment allow ductless hood only. Not only that, it should be reliable, durable hood that will work well throughout your stay and for years to come.Therefore, choose wisely follow the apartment restriction.



Variable Speed.

All kitchen hood have the speed function but depending on the CFM power . Some cases you probably need the little power to prevent noise but also to reduce the smoke from getting odour at your kitchen. Moreover, if you are cooking in a short time best to use the low setting to easier the motor and easy to have conversation with family and friends. If you good with strong odour or longer time then you need to use higher speed setting to prevent any grease and smoke that stick on your apartment.


How many CFM should a range for my apartment hood have?

First what's CFM? CFM is stand for cubic feet of air move per minute. It's a calculate per minute of air move that surrounded your home. For apartment range should be 400 - 600 CFM because is a great option for living in the apartment . It less powerful and much quieter that doesn't that much motor energy over time. Above all, choose the right size kitchen hood that suit your apartment envrioment.






That is all the tips for you on how to choose the kitchen hood for your apartment. Remember it is up to you to make the best decision for your comfort of your home.

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