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Kitchen Hood's Common Problem And How To Fix Them

Kitchen Hood's Common Problem And How To Fix Them


Your kitchen hood always helps the kitchen fresh and clean. But the day past by we sometimes overlook the further damage we might face in future. Even the in hot weather can lower the performance and motor hood because of the overheat. So, look out this common problem that can save your kitchen hood's life span.

 1. Kitchen Hood won't turn ON.

Quick suggest to check the circuit breaker if there's any auto off of the circuit. When you already try switching on and it still auto off. Please contact the electrician as soon as possible otherwise you end up black out house. 

You can check the hood plug if there's any broken part or slight burn of your plugin. This cause due to not compatible voltage level or worn out.


2. Strange Noises Inside The Range Hood.

Hear rattling inside your hood recently? Also it's annoying maybe it's because there's a parts that are missing or loose somewhere in the appliances. To do so, turn off the kitchen hood and check inside with a flashlight if you could find the parts and the holes.

You can screw together back or contact technician to help you to replace the new parts. That way, the kitchen hood should be running smoothly and soundless. If you don't, the hood could start malfunctioning when you turning on the kitchen hood .

3. Range Hood Light Not Turning On.

Lastly, Your kitchen hood is suddenly flickering around while you turn on the lights. This happen when the light bulb are began to worn out soon. So, it's best to replace to immediately before the lights off.  Of course if you have a night vision google that can see the dark is fine but a quick suggest to replace it before happen. 

 There you go, now not only you understand the common problem of the kitchen hood but knowing how to fix it. As long you remember to check the maintenance regularly and schedule your hood service. That way your kitchen hood will last longer.


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