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The Best Hack To Unclog Kitchen Sink

The Best Hack To Unclog Kitchen Sink

In our household we often use kitchen sink in our daily activities. More often until the sink become clogged with food and other waste that stuck on the pipeline. It makes the sink smelly and not functional well as used to be. So, we have the solution that can unclogged the kitchen sink and prevent the pipeline from getting completely damage by the waste.



This is the safest and cheaper method to unclog the sink. Just pour the boiling water on to the drainer and let the waste melted away. Repeat this method to see the result immediately. Better result use the stainless steel kettle.

Reminder, if your sink use PVC pipe, try use less of this method because it can melt the pipe, you can use plunger instead.



Let say you don't have the fancy cleaner that use to unclog the sink. You can go for natural ingredient such as baking soda and vinegar. To use this method, you will need :

  • 1 x Cup Baking Soda
  • 1 x Cup White Vinegar

Take out the drain stopper and pour the both cups on to the drain. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash away the ingredient using the hot water. If the waste still there, pour more vinegar. After that, repeat until the water when to the drainer smoothly. 


Do you know salt can clogged sink? Just pour the salt on the drain and try let it sit overnight. By morning, pour the boiling water on the drain and let the salt dissolve along with the waste. If any residue, repeat the step but with minimum time and pour it again until it's dissolve. The reason why using this method because salt are antimicrobial properties, therefore, it kills bacteria and dissolve. 


Have you check the P-trap? If you look at your sink the water drain slowly, is the best time for you clean the P-Trap. P-Trap are the important part of the kitchen sink. Therefore, before cleaning it make sure close the water valve. After that, take out the P-Trap and place empty bucket under kitchen sink prevent any access water drop on the floor.

Proceed to clean the hole with brush and soap until it clean.  After cleaning, re-assemble the pipe and open the faucet to check if the water drain smoothly. 


This tool is plumber's favourite tool to dislodge the clogs. If the the blockage is to tough to remove. Then use plumber's snake all you have to do is to pull the plumber' snake into the drain and try to reach deep down to get the waste that sit on the pipe and  pull out. Keep repeat the process until pipe clear. Turn on the the faucet for better look.


For this method is better to use rubber glove for safety reason. Using chemical cleaner are more effective to dissolve all the waste that stuck in pipe. Use the cleaner at least once or twice month depending how often the clog is.

Make sure you carefully read the instruction before proceeding unclog the kitchen sink. Otherwise, it can cause your health and the environment. 

That's all the tips for you to unclogged your kitchen sink. Furthermore, This hack also known to make longer life span and easy maintenance of the kitchen sink.

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