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What is Granite Sinks?

What is Granite Sinks?

Everything you need to know about Granite Sinks



 The granite is composite minerals that crystallize in beneath the surface of the Earth. It often well-known by name Silgranit, a sturdy proprietary composite by Blanco. Granite generally product of 80% granite mixed with 20% acrylate resin, appearance of natural stone.



  • Each corner of the sinks shape carved in curve and sculpted for a smoother and simple design wise.
  • the material are mainly durable and stronger heat resistant. Moreover, the granite sink is anti-scratch. 

  • The Granite sinks won't discolor when it expose to heat or direct to sunlight since it made by a stone.


  • As been tested the Granite sinks are known to strong resistant any chemical substance like acid.
  • The sinks also not easily to break or chipping because the protected by resin barrier.
  • The Granite sinks are Long life and sturdiness of natural stone. With composite sink care and maintenance.
  • The sinks is damage-resistant, but with composite sink needs to be regular maintenance.
  • Dark color sinks are typically low-maintenance, however they'll show a white film compare the light sinks could stain.



  • Wash the sink with a nylon brush and delicate soap (dishwasher soap is fine) after that, rinse the sink.
  • forestall stains and dirt, please remember do not use abrasive cleanup tools or high solutions it cause slowly damage in future.

  • Use a special cleanup product such as disinfectant cleaner or natural cleansers like vinegar on an everyday basis.
  • Lastly, wipe it down with a tiny amount of cooking oil for shine after cleaning the dishes for a daily basic.

Granite sinks are the new trend in the modern world, design simple exquisite look and sturdy built. Is an ideal kitchen home with granite kitchen sink for your comfort home.

The above mentioned is the important essential for your keep in mind when you decided to buy your new granite sink.

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