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Water Heater (DC Inverter Pump) Rinnai REI-E380DP-C-BG

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Key Features:

  • Slim Matte-Finished Body
  • 3-Multi Spray Handshower
  • Anti-Twist Hose
  • 1-Knob Control
  • Dual Over Temperature Safety Cut-off
  • High Quality Stop Valve
  • Anti Leak Heater Tank
  • Rainshower Accessory

    Matte, Smooth Lines

    Aptly names Sen, which means ‘line’ in Japanese, Rinnai Sen series is inspired by the beautiful lines on sandy beaches. The sleek, parallel lines are aesthetically pleasing and calming to behond, making shower a great retreat from the bustling world for the mind and body. Available in 4 gorgeous colours: Aqua Turquoise, Sky Blue, Sandy Beach and Cirrus Cloud.

    Simple Temperature Control

    Rinnai Sen series not only exudes the beauty of minimalist design, it also offers ease of control. With a turn of the know, you can regulate the water temperature from relaxing lukewarm to invigorating hot in seconds.

    High-Power Hot Shower

    With 3.8kW heating capacity that shortens heating time, Rinnai Sen series provides hot water faster to give you instantly relaxing hot shower, especially on a cold day.

    DC Silent (Inverter) Pump

    ● Silent operation
    ● Cost effective and ecological
    ● Save up to 50% energy compared to AC Pump
    ● Advanced brushless DC motor technology
    ● Maintenance-free, no carbon brush
    ● Pump speed control, suitable for high and low water pressure
    ● Longer life-span

    Anti-Twist Hose

    Prevents the hose from getting tangled in the shower.

    Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)

    Cuts off electricity supply in event of current leakage.

    Lightning & Surge Protection

    Built-in surge protects from lightning strikes and current leakage.

    Dual Over Temperature Safety Cut-Off

    Avoids overheating and scalding with auto-reset if water temperature exceeds set limit. Primary cut-off 55°c, Secondary cut-off 90°c

    IP25 Splash-proof Protection

    ABS plastic waterproof casing compliant to IP25 Safety Standard prevents water and dust.

    Auto Flow Sensor Switch

    Shuts off heater if water flow is too low and avoids dry burn.

    Specifications :

    Shower Head    Handshower
    (Rainshower accessory sold separately)
    Colour    Beige
    Pump    DC Inverter
    Pump Noise Level    50-60
    Thermostat    Double Action
    Power Rating (kW)    3.8
    Voltage    240V
    Water Temperature E-Control    Electronic
    Min Flow Rate    2L/min
    Min Pressure    20 kPa
    Max Pressure    600 kPa
    Cold Water Connection    15mm Diameter (1/2” BSP)
    Product Weight (kg)    1.8
    Product Size (W x D x H) (cm)    22.2 x 38.8 x 10.2
    Package Weight (kg)    2.85
    Package Size (L x W x H) (kg)    25.0 x 59.0 x 10.5


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