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11 Tips To Maintain Your Blender

11 Tips To Maintain Your Blender

Blender is essential appliance for keeping the center of our kitchen. They are versatile tool for easy meal and drinks. But, keeping blender life span running can make the blade dull and slow while blending foods.

You should consider to check the  blender's maintenance in order to keep them last longer and durable. Here is a list tips for you on how to maintain the blender longer life pan.

1. Check for damage.

Before using the blender, you have to inspect any damage in any part of the blender. Any cord or blade damage needed to be replace immediate before any future harm in the process.

2. Use correctly.

Always read and review your manual book before using a  blender. Is important for you to understand the life span and instruction  of the  blender. Check ho the jar secure to the base and it's signs for indicate trouble. Please reminder don't put all the ingredients at once because it will make the blade dull faster. Too much liquid or food can also ruin the motor and overload pressure on the blade

3. Be careful with hard foods.

Blender are mainly use for mixing a softer food or liquids. Try to avoid hard food such as ginger, ice, potatoes and etc. But if you want to blend hard food, would recommend to chop small pieces for easier blend. Make sure put small portion to avoid overloading the jar blender. Moreover, you can use food processor as for a better grinding method.

4. Do not run while the blender is empty.

Running with empty jar can also lead to damage motor in blender. Therefore, it will shorten the sharpness of the blade. Motor will be damage faster to causing wear out. You must ensure that never happen to the blender life span.

5. Add your items correctly.

 In correct way to use the blender by using small portion of the ingredient in order to main the sharp of the blade. Also, you can use liquid during the blending in order to make smoother liquid. For the fruits and vegetable make sure you cut smaller piece otherwise, it will stuck and ruin the motor blender.

6. Careful with speed settings.

Before starting the blender switch to slow setting and work your way up. If you using fast setting  first will eventually drain your motor and blades. Plus, is get more smoother texture if you use the method.

7. Secure the lid.

Everybody knows what happen when you don't close lid properly. So, you keep in mind please secure the lid blender before using it.

8. Make sure the blender is unplugged.

 Make sure unplugged after using the blender this will save electric bill and long lasting blender.  

9. Cleaning the blender jar and blades. 

Firstly, unplugged the blender and take out the jar and blade to clean. To clean it just use lukewarm water and dish soap. However, If not clean properly the blade might rust and the jar will not clear as it should be. after clean, then rise thoroughly.

10. Monthly maintenance.

If you used blender often, it's better do monthly maintenance. Check all the motor, blade , jar and other pieces to see any damage from using the blender. please wash with dish soap after maintenance and let it dry before reassembling the machine.

11. Keep it unplugged and place in a dry location.

 After using the blender, you must unplugged because save electricity and money. Moreover, it also save the machine from wear out. The blender should kept in a dry and cool place, we don't want any happen to the machine's motor if any contact with liquid substance or heat temperature in the room.

Now you know how to take care of your blender, is easy to not notice the small thing that can save your money and the appliances. So now, you can make smooth and yummy drinks. Good luck.

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