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Step by Step  "6 in 1 Cabinet Sets" Installation

Step by Step "6 in 1 Cabinet Sets" Installation

Before we start on the tutorials let's look up on what in 6 in 1 cabinets..

The 6 in 1 cabinet is a multi function cabinet which place on the bathroom. Nowadays, are made by stainless steel. is available in 6 item that include complete whole sets. The sets included:

Cabinet are suitable for bathroom. based on the design. It show a simplicity and modern look in affordable price. The material made of stainless steel is durable and rust resistance. The cabinet also are moisture resistant that avoid getting mold from humid and cold environment. Furthermore, the stainless steel is non-porous to the bacteria and fungus.


Here is the tutorial to install cabinet bathroom:-

1. Turn off the water supply. so that easy to work it without any water accident while working.


2. Measure width and height of the wall. make an outline mark to located the cabinet place. Make sure is balance otherwise, the cabinet will be slated. 

3. Unscrew each cabinet door to make easier view to place the base to wall. (this step is optional)

4. Then, screw the cabinet base to secure stick on the wall.

5. Reconnect the faucet to the water pipe. Then, connect the drainer to slip nut and p-trap on the pipe.

6. After that, screw the cabinet door to base and proceed attach the rack and mirror to wall.

7. Turn on the water supply to test it out and it’s done.

Tutorial you seek are importance for you to understanding how maintenance and its benefits. There are many stylish cabinet for you to choose from.

Want to see more the 6 in 1 cabinet? click HERE.


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